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Our Search Process


The recruiting world has changed significantly since Executive Search Partners started in 2002. Initially, we relied on our extensive nationwide network of IT Professionals to identify potential candidates. We still do, but we have added selected job boards, résumé database services, as well as social and professional networking sites to find candidates.


But recruiting is much more than candidate identification. The position has to meet the needs of the candidate, and the candidate must fit not only the experience requirements, but also the personality requirements of a company. Making sure that we do a thorough job of this is the expertise and the art that Executive Search Partners provides.

Our search process is thorough and extensive and includes the following steps:


  • Search Initiation – We start with a discussion with our client's hiring manager and develop a requirements checklist and a custom interview profile for each position. This profile includes experience requirements (skills, industry, software, leadership), compensation and benefits, re-location details, and candidate personality characteristics. We review this with our clients to ensure completeness.

  • Identification – We then conduct a thorough search for qualified candidates utilizing our personal network, job boards, and resume databases. We frequently identify up to 25 candidates for each position. Utilizing this list, we contact each candidate one by one.

  • Candidate interviews – Here is where our process is unique. Our first questions to the candidate are not about his background and qualifications, but is, what kind of opportunities are you seeking? What would your ideal next position be? Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years. If this is match to our client’s requirements, we then utilize the custom interview profile to thoroughly screen each candidate.

  • Presentation – We usually present 4-6 qualified candidates during the search process. The first two candidates presented provide a valuable check point as to the validity of the custom interview profile.

  • Interview coordination –  We help our clients to coordinate interviews with the candidates, and debrief both parties after each interview. This is particularly useful in uncovering problem areas that need further work such as more details about a candidate's experience in a specific area, and more details about the position for our candidates.

  • Client counseling – Most searches eventually come down to 2-3 qualified candidates. We act as counselors to our clients to discuss the pros and cons of each candidate and their fit to the requirements of the position.

  • Offer – Once a candidate has been selected, Executive Search Partners assists our clients in the preparation of the offer letter with the goal being that only one offer letter is needed and that the selected candidate will accept. We can then coordinate presentation of the offer and assist in answering and questions the candidate might have about the offer.

  • After placement – Executive Search Partners follows up with each hired candidate and with the hiring manager to ensure that the on-boarding process proceeds smoothly

Our Value Proposition

  • Proven process

  • In business for 21 years

  • Extensive nationwide networks

  • Partners are former CIO's

  • Long-term relationships

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