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I have known and worked with Gary for many years. He is an extremely versatile and capable executive known for creativity, clear thinking, and exceptional people skills. Gary is adept at helping employers understand what the real critical success factors are for their open positions, and also helps candidates understand what positions they would be best suited for.

Michael Allie - Director, Claims Systems

Gary's professionalism and business acumen are strong reasons why I provide this endorsement. He has a proven track record of success. In addition to working
with me, Gary has worked with business associates of mine with the same success.
I highly recommend Gary and his team.

Charles Kaprelian - Manufacturing Practice Head at Wipro Technologies

I reported to Gary Erickson while he held the position of Director of IT with Vickers, Inc. Mr. Erickson was responsible for transition of the entire company's home-grown, mainframe (Unisys) applications to fully distributed, DEC-based, packaged software. He accomplished his assignment on-time, within budget,
while delivering a high-quality IT product. On a personal level, it was a pleasure

to work with Mr. Erickson.

Russel Schmidt - Owner, Alexsy Consulting Group LLC

Over the years, I have dealt with quite a few recruiters, on the executive recruiting side as well as on the hiring company side. And honestly, I had the best interview ever in my career with Gary. Gary asked tough, challenging questions, to the point, and made me present myself as the real me, not as the me I could present by considering such an interview as 'show time'. I found it very powerful. Gary created an atmosphere that was not intimidating, and at the same time ‘I had nowhere to hide’, not that I wanted to, but at the same time I think it's not a skill many recruiters have, in fact very, very few. Therefore, I consider Gary a TOP Executive Recruiter, with great affinity for his client’s mandate and great empathy for the executive candidates he’s working with. Highly recommended!


Ronald Franckaert - Intermational CIO

I had the pleasure of working with Bill while I was a member of the State of NH Liquor Commission. Bill is an intelligent, personable and visionary individual who can work with complex issues from development through to successful implementation. He brings fresh ideas to the table and is comfortable challenging conventional wisdom to achieve difficult goals and major problem solving. He is professional, thoughtful and is a valuable team member player. 


Mark Bodi -  Commissioner New Hampshire State Liquor Commission

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